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How the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse will Affect You.

The second eclipse of the season is happening this Sunday, May 15th. It’s a lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio, and should be visible to most the US. Alongside it is a sextile to Pluto, a trine to Mars and Neptune, and a square to Saturn.

Great. Let’s put all that into English, shall we?

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Scorpio rules how and when we tread into deep emotions and connections. It is the dramatic, fantasy or movie-level intensity that sometimes get romanticized. It rules intimacy, but also rules our sense of strength in terms of boundaries, intuition, and the supernatural.

And once again, eclipses are all about change. Depending where Scorpio sits in your personal chart, it will affect how sensitive you are to this astrological event.

For example, my Scorpio sits in 8th house, and has no planets and therefore no aspects. The energy I’ve been feeing has been subtle, but still resonates. However with the last solar eclipse – which connects deeply to this lunar one – was in Taurus, and my taurus had multiple intense planets in it, and so I felt it…intensely and dramatically.

All this means is that you may be anywhere on the spectrum of just wanting to hang out and connect with loved ones, to some real deep reflections and revelations on how you need to better set boundaries, or how you really need to release that toxic pattern of thinking or acting.

Sextile to Pluto.

Pluto actually helps rule Scorpio, so this is a good interaction. Pluto will help us reveal the secrets or truths we need at this time, so we can make proper reflections, feel and process what we need to, and then make the right next move.

This is also a total “burn it all to the ground” kinda vibe. Do so lovingly, and start fresh. With a relationship, work and career, or your hobbies.

The trine to Mars will also help with all that.

Mars is all about action, so when paired with this Lunar eclipse, we are talking about not only feeling our emotions, getting these major reflections, undergoing this change…but actually taking action on it. It’s a good time to have that hard conversation with someone – your boss or partner or family member. It’s a great time (especially with Mercury in retrograde) to go into hermit mode and really plan out the details of that passion project, and get started!

Stay off your phone, because heated drama may be taking place. Instead, go within. Figure out what YOU really truly want and need, and then start planning.

The most uncomfy part will be this Saturn square.

Saturn is in Aquarius, so you may be feeling fixed, stuck, restricted. You may be feeling less than confident. This is really a signal that something isn’t currently working. This is where the hard reflections will be. It may be that the reason you have unhealthy work habits is because of something in your past that you haven’t addressed. Maybe you can’t get past that creative block because there’s something in the inner world that really needs to addressed.

Breath through it. Explore with curiosity. And be gentle.

Remember that overall, this event, and the weeks before and after, are overall causing positive growth, even if it feels like a setback. You got this!

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