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How the Heck to Find Your Intuition

The meditations, the mantras, the inspirational Instagram posts all say the same thing: trust your intuition. Let yourself guide you to the right answers.

Okay…Well, my mind is running a marathon every two seconds, and it’s going a million different directions, so, how do I know which direction is my intuition?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that simple. Intuition can feel fickle and confusing, especially to beginners. And don’t even get me started on “finding your intuition.” You won’t find it by looking, that’s for sure. And that paradox may be utterly annoying and overused as well.

I think another tool used hand-in-hand with intuition is awareness.

Being aware of your thoughts, your mental feelings, where you physically feel things in the body and when, that is the key.

At the end of the day, intuition is different for everybody. The way I know things may be completely different from someone else. I know something is intuition when it is an immediate, completely neutral, emotionless thought. For some people, they know it’s intuition when their chest feels warm. My good friend, she unconsciously tilts her head certain directions.

So again, take some time to be aware of yourself and your thoughts. Ask yourself where those thoughts and feelings came from. Write it down if you have to. Go through your day before you close your eyes if doing it through ought the day is too much.

As humans, we’re built to recognize patterns, and you’ll recognize them too. You’ll quickly learn what your intuition is and where it is felt and how it is heard, with simple awareness.

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