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How Spirituality is Part of Protesting

A powerful concept within the spiritual community is that every human has the ability to manifest their desires and create the changes they wish to see. Meditation and contemplation can help calm our minds and guide us to knowing what changes are really needed. Ritual, spells, prayer…they’re all used to help focus intention, direct energy, and add power towards an intention.

So with everything going on in the world right now, with all the protests, the anger, the speaking out, it can be tempting to turn to the world of spirituality and magic, and meditate on justice, to preform spells for justice, cast curses, to pray to the divine to aid in change. It can be tempting to do only that. To feel like focusing energy in that direction is enough.

But please remember that these practices are ways to aid change. They are not the sole cause of change. It is up to us to make choices in every day lives that will continue to give power to our meditations, our spells, our prayers. It is up to us as living humans to act in our daily lives in a way that progresses society toward a better future.

Here are some ideas:

1. Offerings

Instead of giving a deity an offering on an altar, try donating instead. In the name of the divine or your deities, give money to organizations like Black Lives Matter, or sign petitions in their honor.

2. Digital Spells on Awareness Posts

Cast a spell on a post that raises awareness or educates people. Use magic to help it be shared faster and easier. Every like charges the spell, every share cast it further and further.

3. Chanting Mantras and Affirmations

Going on a protest? Write a positive slogan that can repeated over and over. Much like running fingers over Mala beads reciting mantras, repeating slogans can be a form of magic and prayer itself that sends powerful vibrations out to the world. The phrase "Black lives matter" in itself can be a mantra.

4. Sigils to be Safe & Heard

Draw sigils on your hands or on protest signs. Use them to keep protests peaceful, to encourage them to be seen by the media, and heard by government officials.

Spirituality and magic should be used in conjunction with practical solutions, not separately. Pairing the two together, in our every day actions, can aid us and add power behind creating the changes we wish to see.

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