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How Mercury Retrograde this September 2022 Will Affect You.

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year again – Mercury retrograde! We’ve done lots of posts of mercury retrograde, from how it generally affects people, to debunking the myth that all Mercury retrogrades are awful, and so on and so forth.

This time, Mercury is going to be in retrograde in Libra and Virgo from September 9th, 2022 to October 2nd, 2022. Here’s what’s going to happen.

But first, make sure that you’re protected and using mercury retrograde to your advantage. This year, we got our mercury retrograde protection charm kits ready ahead of time, so make sure to grab one before their limited supply is gone. They’re perfect to carry with you, leave in your car, by your work or school computer, or anywhere else you seem fit.

Because Libra is the ruler of relationships and partnerships, you may expect a misunderstanding in that area.

It can be as small as a friend group not being able to figure out what time to meet for movie night, a tift in your romantic relationships, or not agreeing with a business or work partner on something. Whatever the case, take a deep breath, use shared calendars, and don’t go back on your word. Be honest after taking a deep breath. Libra is all about love right? So come from a loving place to ensure everything goes alright.

This also means it’s a great time to strengthen bonds with friends, partners, and romantic relationships. Bonding, asking each other tough questions, or otherwise spending time together is a good way to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

When Mercury moves back into Virgo on the 23rd , it may be time to let go of literally any plan you had.

But, know that when retrograde is over, you’ll come out having learning something about spontaneity, how to plan better for the long-term, and about what you really want out of life. It also may be time to heal things around perfectionism – and trust me, as someone who feels energy early, the universe is dying for me to throw perfectionism to the wayside. I’m not saying it’ll be a fun walk in the park, because undoing habits that ingrained, having to mourn and let go of plans you had…it’s hard. But you got this, and I know you can do it.

Once again, a good ol’ charm bag will help ease the effects and keep us level headed as we go on this journey. So pick one up!

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