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How I Started Seeing Auras

I think many people are fascinated by the possibilities of seeing auras. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see people glow like rainbows? Each of us is filled with so much light. It’s amazing that we have the opportunity to see it, with a little patience, and a little practice.

I’d like to share the method that’s worked best for me, personally. As always, I can’t promise it’ll work for you, but it’s worth a shot, is it not?

I grew up seeing a faint glow around people in generally. It was hazy and white and barely noticeable, but moved with them. It was usually in school, so I choked it up to be the light from windows, paired with my less than 20 20 vision, playing some tricks on my eyes.

When I began to understand it might be auras, I tried the plain background tricks and focusing just above the line of my fingertips, and quite frankly, nothing happened.

Laying in the bathtub one evening, surrounded by candles, I was doing a lot of nothing. I was moving my hands around, simply getting lost in the details of how humans could even have hands, and fingers, and how they could do all these things with them (I digress). I got so lost in thought my vision started to blur slightly, and a colored glow started to appear around my hand and arm.

It was green.

A year or so later I learned in college that dim lighting seemed to be the best. Think yellowish lamps or candlelight. I didn’t necessarily have to be in a state of calm either – I’d stay up late talking with my roommates just about interests and hobbies and life. And they all started to glow. For me, it’s when you’re relaxed enough to be vulnerable that they appear.

A few months later I was lucky enough to have a reiki experience, which you can read about here.

After that, I was able to see auras in broad daylight for a while.

But still, it seemed to be when my vision slightly blurred – think of when you’re not wearing your glasses or contacts, are close enough to see, but maybe not close enough to read. It still seemed to happen when I was so focused on a professor’s lecture, or what someone was saying, that I was almost lost in thought at the same time. It’s an odd balance to explain.

Also know that this isn’t a forever process. As my life changes, and I go through rough patches, I almost lose the ability to see auras. And that’s okay. That’s normal. It’s a muscle you have to flex. There are often other things worth focusing on too.

Want to know what color I see most people as? Be sure to check out our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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