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Here's How October Will Go For You, Based on Astrology.

October is drawing nearer, and with it comes a few *cough* a lot of astrological events you should know about. But as always, I’ll remind you of my favorite Latin qoute: “the stars incline us, they do not bind us.” Meaning, we can always transform their energy into something positive and use it to our advantage – they never control us.

Needless to say, let’s get right into it:

Oct 2nd - Mercury goes direct, yay!

This time, Mercury is in Virgo. We can see communication clear up, and in Virgo, this energy is perfect for mending or clearing up any miscommunications that did happen. But it’s also a bit of a “organized mess” energy – meaning, be sure to write down your thoughts and ideas in a notebook before they disappear…your brain might feel messy otherwise.

Oct 8th - Pluto is also going direct in Capricorn.

Pluto is the planet of our darkest fears, wants, secrets, and desires. Anything you’ve been reflecting on in the past few months might come to light or suddenly have to be revealed. Or, you might just be ready to start taking action on it with the tons of Mars energy that’s also happening this month.

This time may also give hints to what our new moon eclipse in Scorpio at the end of the month entails – pay attention to how you feel, what epiphanies or realizations you have (even if they feel subtle) and how you feel around others. You may start noticing that good ol’ eclipse telling you what it’s time to release.

Oct 9th - Full Moon in Aries.

Get ready for chaos. Fights, bad drivers, crazy passionate declarations of love or business ideas. Chaos, I tell you. It’s a really good time to recenter to get motivation and start goals that you’ve dropped for a few weeks or months…or years.

Just, take a breath to think before you do anything too impulsive – unless that has proven to work for you in the past.

Oct 23rd - Saturn goes Direct in Aquarius.

A wee bit of a break, but on the 23rd, Saturn will go direct in Aquarius. Another large, influential planet talking about our beliefs, security, and duties. If you’ve felt restricted, put in a corner, or otherwise things haven’t been manifesting the way you want – that should start to clear up soon as long as you continue to work both mundanely and spiritually along the way.

Oct 25th - New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Yeah. This is all about what you’ve been keeping deeply private inside – think back to when Pluto went direct. Something big and transformative may be happening, but due to Scorpio’s nature, it may be more within you and more subtle to others – but still big to you. Think setting boundaries, shedding limiting beliefs or beginning to tackle them, opening up to relationships or getting out of toxic ones (friendships or romantic, by the way).

Oct 28th

Jupiter, still in retrograde, moves into Pisces. This is a more favorable alignment, so personal expansion and growth can start happening again. Once again, this is all about intuition, imagination, limiting beliefs, working on spiritual or mental baggage, and getting creative.

Oct 30th - Mars goes Retrograde.

Dun, dun, dun. Okay, not that bad. But don’t be surprised if you’re literally exhausted from all the ideas and mental work that’s gone on through October. Motivation will be low, energy will be low. So start now on working on routines and habits you can do to prop up your motivation. There may be a little bit of tension in the air in the world in general, but have patience. It’s still a good time to work on things in the shadows – maybe it’s just not time to go public.

So there you have it: Three planets going direct, one going retrograde, a full moon and an eclipse. Sound fun? Take a deep breath, and use the energy to your advantage. Focus on self-care, mental-wellbeing, and getting your motivation and energy situated. You got this.

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