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Getting Back into Your Spiritual Practice

Gosh, it’s probably been practically a year since I last meditated at this point.

And sometimes that makes me feel terrible and out of touch from my higher self and the universe. Whether you haven’t preformed a spell in ages, or haven’t prayed to whatever god or deity you believe in for months, I know the feeling of felling…disconnected and guilty.

I think it’s first important, of course, to cut yourself some slack.

Personally, I finished my last two years of college in only one year, all during *that global event we’re all tired of*. I’ve been traveling constantly it feels like, and dealing with changes in my family.

Maybe you have kids. Maybe you’re constantly working just to get by. Maybe you’re just plainly unmotivated to work on your practice.

But somewhere in Utah the other week, I stepped into a crystal shop and felt that tightness in my chest, and I was fidgety – like what happens when there’s a surge of energy in a room, like a minor electric shock that makes your body vibrate. And I knew the connection was still within me.

I may not have had time for the spirit world, but that’s because I had to get the physical one in order.

This happens to us all: we don’t practice, we don’t pray, and we feel guilty. Busy. In a fog, almost. But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our connection. It just means our focus is elsewhere for a moment, usually on the physical realm. And you know what? That’s okay. Needed, sometimes.

Once your ready, once you have some spare time, take a break. Let your body rest from work, or from the kids, or from school. Give yourself a week or two to breath.

And then try and take a bath, or a shower, with the intention of cleansing and release. Do a grounding ritual outside under the moonlight – and it doesn’t have to be any particular phase of the lunar cycle. Take one small thing about your practice, and do it.

Mine is usually a cleansing bath, with candlelight and bath salts and my phone in the other room. I ask my higher self and my guides to be present. And I close my eyes. Whether I slip into a meditation or not is irrelevant.

You’re allowed to take your time to get back into your practice. You’re allowed to take years off of practicing, and come back slowly. To refind your rhythm, to refind what rituals and meditations and spells or prays and manifestations work with you in your new, current time.

Start back slowly.

You’re still connected. It just may take you a moment to find it again, and that’s okay.

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