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Astrology: Full Moon in Aquarius 2023

Sudden breakthroughs arrive with Tuesday's full moon in Aquarius

Astrological breakdown of the full moon in Aquarius
Full Moon in Aquarius

On August 1st, the moon, orbed and brilliant, will move into the part of the sky called Aquarius. Often referred to as the Sturgeon Moon (apparently, many are caught this time of year), this supermoon is the first of two full moons this August, the next one taking place on the 30th of the month.

What To Expect

Each full moon takes place in the opposite sign of the astrological season we're in. Since July 23 we have been in Leo season where themes around self-expression, being seen for our natural gifts and being appreciated for our authentic selves have been taking center stage. The Leo/Aquarius axis centers around the individual (and its desires) and its relation to the collective (and its impact). This axis holds the ideas of separateness and belonging, individuality and community, uniqueness and rebellion against structures of conformity, and of creation and innovation. Leo is all about creation for creation's sake (and primarily self-expression's sake) whereas Aquarius is focused on the effect, impact and role of innovation as it pertains to the greater collective. Aquarius knows that to care for oneself we must also care for our community and that to live a life truly free to be one's authentic, unique, creative self – as Leo so badly wants for us – we must work to invent a world in which it is safe, accessible and possible to do so.

Soothing the Heat of Venus Retrograde

We have been in Venus retrograde in the sign of Leo for all of Leo season. This has dampened the fun and carefree energy usually associated with this time. Instead, things probably feel heavy and stuck. It may feel harder than ever to express ourselves or feel seen and appreciated for who we are. We may feel that it's been hard to just “be” lately or that we’re unable to move forward with opportunities or ideas that excite us. The heart space could be incredibly activated right now, and feelings of loss, grief, or despair may be present in our lives. The good news is the full moon in the sign of the water bearer is offering up healing, soothing and replenishment to cool down some of these tense feelings as well as possibly bringing some important breakthroughs for us.

Sudden, Unexpected and Shocking

Aquarius is the epitome of shock factor – its ruling planet Uranus is associated with lightning, after all. In such fashion, this supermoon has the potential to bring about sudden insights, surprises, psychic downloads and inspired ideas. At the heart of what is coming through is the purpose of creation. These surprises or moments of breakthroughs will most likely seem to come out of nowhere. Uranus often acts on us through claircognizance – a sudden moment of deep knowing, out of the blue, that can open our minds or change something for us in a big way.

A Dose of Patience

Our last new moon was in Cancer on July 17, so we might be seeing some of the manifestations from the intentions we set then come to fruition now. However, if you’re not seeing or feeling that, don’t worry; this moon is also working with Jupiter in Taurus thanks to a loosely formed t-square between Jupiter, the sun and the moon. This brings the energies of patience and stamina to the equation, reminding us of the need to put in continuous effort over time. This is in complete alignment with the retrograde-heavy astrological cycle we’re in for the rest of the summer and into September – slow-moving growth. It's vital that we keep showing up and continue to put in the hard work now, even if we are not yet able to see the impact it is having. We’re being asked to trust in the value of our work and efforts without feedback – a challenging yet necessary task in the middle of Leo season.

Final Thoughts

Venus retrograde will be with us for a while longer, leaving on September 3. Then, later this month, we have our beloved, love-to-hate-her, Mercury retrograde joining the astrological hangout on August 23, staying there through September 15. So while this Aquarius full moon grants us a little bit of clarity, healing and some important insights that can move us forward, we are not out of the woods just yet. The astrology will be introspective, reflective and prompt us into re-evaluation for a little longer. The best thing to do is take time to soak up the healing waters of this moment; replenish, restore, and lean on your community if you need to while also allowing your community to lean on you in any way you can. Lend strength to systems in your life, your community and your society that encourage difference, uniqueness and celebration of the ways in which each person's gifts come together to make a vibrantly functioning collective. Spend time with the truth that when we honor our own authentic desires and expressions, we are opening the door for others to do the same. And that when we collectively invest in and support systems and structures that hold space for, and even better celebrate, the uniqueness and beauty of people, we are all personally freed from the chains of repression that bind us from being truly us – and this Aquarius knows well: if we are not truly ourselves, we are never truly free.

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