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Full Buck Moon in Capricorn July 2022

Tonight, the super buck moon in Capricorn will shine above us. Because it’s a super moon, the moon is closer to the earth and therefore much larger in the sky – and for some of us with strong Capricorn, moon, or Pluto influences in our chart, it means it’s more intense spirituality.

The buck moon was given its name years ago because male deer’s peak growth phase for their antlers is in July. Bucks grow a new set of antlers every year, often times larger and more impressive than the last year.

It’s honestly this theme of intense growth that is highlighted this moon, and asking ourselves at what cost?

Capricorn’s cliché is that the are cold, strict, and unaffectionate. It is energy around constant improvement due to criticism and tough love, and drive for more success. Underneath that energy is warmth, love, and a generous sense of humor.

The moon in Capricorn is highlighting these things for us. What is our work life like? What are we striving for? What are our goals outside of work? Have we put too much on our shoulders? Are we being too tough on ourselves?

With the conjunction to Pluto, there is a sense of darkness that comes with these thoughts. You may have noticed yourself wanting to shop a bit more frivolously, wanting to climb the ladder at work, disregarding other people’s thoughts and opinions, and possibly even considering changing yourself to achieve your “dream.”

This moon is asking you to pause, to ask yourself what you really want, and what you are truly willing to sacrifice for it. You may find you’ve been sacrificing too much for something you’re not even sure you want.

With the moon’s trine to Uranus in Taurus in the 8th house, I promise you that when you ground yourself and connect back to your core values and beliefs, back to your spirituality and the divine, and back to your warmth and love, you will find that success and growth feels a lot more doable, and you’ll have more clarity with what direction to go.

You may have to release some toxic traits - you may have to hit the pause button and ask yourself what you’re even doing. But grounding yourself, knowing that you have time and don’t have to rush, will benefit you at this time.

Overall, this moon might harbor in big realizations and changes for some of us. That can be super hard and scary – but ultimately, are unlocking better paths that lead us more directly to our goals where we don’t have to bend over backwards, or sacrifice things that are truly important to us.

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