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Following Specific Witch or Spiritual Paths

The other day we wrote a beautiful post on how to know whether you’re a witch or not. Today, we continue to explore the spiritual journey by asking ourselves whther or not we need a specific “witchcraft path,” or even spiritual path.

There’s kitchen witchcraft, cottage witches, hedge witches, sea witches, sun witches, lunar witchcraft, and the list seems to go on and on and on. Each type of witch is said to most often do certain spells, use certain tools, and focus on certain divination methods or ingredients for their spells.

When it comes to plain spirituality, there are those who are Christian, those who focus on astrology, on connecting with the dead, with the planet, or with any of the multitude of religions and philosophies.

But do you need to be on any one specific path on your spiritual or witchy journey? I don’t necessarily think so. Again, I think it comes down to the person.

If you find you the reason you’re on your personal journey is find direction and focus, then perhaps exploring different paths and finding one you vibe with is good for you. If you like the security a label can truly give you, perhaps then a specific path is for you. If you truly are drawn to certain religions, tools, ingredients, methods, or philosophies, then perhaps a specific path will help you thrive.

All of these are good reasons to have a specific path.

If you find your spiritual journey is trying to teach you to loosen up, to go with the flow, then maybe you don’t need a path. If you like to try a bit of everything and go back and forth, maybe one specific path isn’t what you need.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, and you like the term “eclectic witch” or you mix a few paths. Maybe you change what label you use once, twice, or a hundred times a year. Maybe you refuse to use a label at all.

It comes down to the person. It comes down to you, and what you personally need on your journey.

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