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Everything You Need to Know About Crystal Grids

Crystal grids look gorgeous on our Instagram feeds, but they actually have a use, purpose, and magic. Want to know how to use them to manifest your dream life? Keep reading.

What is Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a group of multiple crystals arranged in a certain pattern or design that helps channel and move energy around to amplify and speed up manifestations and intentions.

Since crystal grids contain multiple crystals, they can take up space. Find an open area like a desk, counter, shelf, or table that isn’t used very often that has open space. An altar is perfect for crystal grids. Take the time to clean and dust the area before placing your crystals down. Not only is it physically good and protects your crystals so they last longer, it’s also good energetically.

What crystals do I use?

You can use any kind of crystal in a grid. Most people like to pair the kind of crystal with their intention or what they wish to manifest. For example, carnelian for more energy, rose quartz for love, or amethyst for better dreams.

Clear quartz and selenite are often used as transition crystals in the grids, as they had amplifying and clearing properties that will keep the other crystals cleansed and charged to work the intention and manifestation better.

While tumbled stones are okay for crystal grids, especially if they are around the outsides or the very center of a grid, points are most often used. The tip and point is what helps direct the energy into the circle – or out, if you’re trying to let go of something or rid yourself of something in your life. Generators are also popular for the center of a crystal grid, as this kind of crystal can hold a lot of information, energy, and its point powerfully releases it into the universe.

What about other materials?

People use leaves, flowers, and wood elements to help decorate their crystal grids; at least, it’s popular on Instagram. While its unclear whether these elements aid in the grid or not, some people like to include them solely for aesthetics. Others use the associations of those plants, woods, and elements to better suit their intention, as is common in witchcraft.

How long do they take to work?

As with every type of manifestation, how long it takes to manifest and see a result will vary. Some are subtle changes too, and may not be obvious to the conscious. Bigger manifestations and intentions will take longer to manifest. Easier, smaller ones will come with less time.

And of course, no manifestation will happen if you don’t actively take actions in daily life to aid it. You won’t get better sleep and dreams if you don’t go to bed at a reasonable time, or get a boyfriend if you don’t talk to strangers.

Have you ever used a crystal grid? Let us know in the comments, and check out our crystal collection here.

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