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Everything to Know About Feng Shui Coins

feng shui coins with yang side up

You guys really seemed to like those fortune cookie magick tips from the other week. So what are some other Asian practices we can take inspiration and advice from?

Of course, fortune cookies were an American invention, and not authentic to Chinese culture at all.

But Feng Shui is authentic and powerful – especially when it comes to growing abundance.

*Note: Be mindful of Feng Shui’s Chinese origin when practicing, and be respectful of their culture and beliefs. Appreciation, guys.

A popular reason for people starting to practice Feng Shui is to help them in their money department. Feng Shui is famous for helping stimulate wealth and abundance, but also about good health and energy.

It all begins with Chi: lifeforce energy.

Similarly to other religions and practices, chi is the universal lifeforce energy that runs through everything. Plants, animals, objects, and humans alike all have chi energy.

Stimulating good chi is beneficial to all areas of life, from relationships to money to health.

Here at Cosmic Corner, we love supporting every religion and practice, and supplying the best tools for you to be able to practice authentically and have fun doing it!

That’s why we carry these wonderful things called Feng Shui coins: and they’re great for growing your wealth and abundance – if you use them respectfully and properly.

Each coin has two sides: yin, and yang.

The yang side has the four ancient characters written on it - which are from the Qing-Dynasty, or one of those most abundance dynasties in Chinese history.

You want to place this yang side up when using to conjure and stimulate money flow.

But where you do put feng shui coins? How do you use them?

1. In your wallet

Obviously, if you want to stimulate money flow, placing these coins in your wallet can be beneficial.

2. Hanging

It is traditional to hang these coins together through the center of the coin with colored chord, paring many of them together in one row. Most traditionally, the color red is used.

3. In the Money Corner

In traditional feng shui, the money corner of your home is the southeast corner. But in more modern and western practices, the money area is an office where you conduct business practices or deal with money, or the upper left area of your home when looked at on a floor plan.

4. Attached to important documents

Similarly to the above, attaching money coins to invoices or accountant books, or any paperwork involving money is said to help open and increase your money flow.

Feng Shui Coins can also be used with numerology! Depending on how many coins you put together, the intention and effect can change.

3 coins: These symbolize a trinity of heaven and earth, and are used to attract wealth and prosperity.

5 coins: These signify the five elements of feng suit (water, earth, fire, wood, and metal). Together, they protect and balance.

6 coins: 6 is a lucky number in Chinese culture. This pairing can also attract support from “noblemen,” or those who are talented and well respected in a given field.

8 coins: This simply represents luck and abundance, especially until 2023.

9 coins: This signifies balance between heaven and earth, and considered very lucky.

10 coins: Strung together, these coins represent wealth, fame, fortune, and success. They work best with the metal element.

I know that’s a lot of information on these powerful feng shui coins! But they’re honestly so easy to work with, there’s nothing to lose out on!

The Bundle:

If your more of a visual learner, our Instagram and TikTok have this information in fun, quirky videos.

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