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Easy Root Chakra Work

Life is hard sometimes. We’ve all heard it before. And sometimes, spirituality can go to the wayside in tough times, like when you’re low on funds or stressed about the political climate.

The reason spirituality gets hard around these times is because our basic needs aren’t being meet: safety and protection.

Fun fact: these ideas are the premise of the root chakra.

So, we’ve got some affordable ideas for you to blend some chakra work into your daily life, so you don’t feel out of touch with spirituality but are working on building a safe foundation for your spiritual work.

A red candle.

If you’re home at any point of the day, burn a red candle. Even if it’s a leftover birthday candle from two years ago. Light it. Light it with the intention of “I am provided for. I am safe.” Then go about doing the dishes. Go about working from home. Just make sure it’s in a fireproof container and not near anything flammable.

Affirmation as a phone screen.

Get a red sort of wallpaper for your phone screen, or one that shows an affirmation of being safe, secure, provided for, and well taken care of. Make it your home screen. That way every time you open you’re phone, you are reminded that despite the circumstance, you are in a safe, protected environment – at least in the universes eyes.

Fun fact: the image in this blog post if formatted to fit iPhone 6/7/8 screens! Go ahead and save it!

Wear red, carry red.

Put a red looking rock, or a red crystal such as garnet into your pocket or purse. Or a grey one. Or a black one. Hold them for a moment and breath in light. Fill them with the intent to protect you, or to bring abundance into your life

What do you do to bring light and love into your root chakra when times are tough? Let us know, and check out our root chakra kits here.

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