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Dream Magick: Dream Interpretation

So I’ve always had vivid dreams. None that were quite prophetic, that I’m aware of, but always vivid. Always lucid.

Dream work has always come naturally to me. It’s how I’ve met with my spirit guides, it’s how I’ve learned key things about myself, and taught me important lessons through odd characters.

But what I’ve come to realize about dream work is that I still have a very long way to go – especially with dream interpretation.

I’m really good at getting the dreams; in fact, I’ve got a little charm here for you in case you want to work on better sleep and having more vivid dreams. It’s really affordable and be made using all Cosmic Corner ingredients!

If you’re just beginning your dream work journey, you’ll enjoy these tips as well.

But I’ve never been really good at just knowing what the mean. Or, I’ve only really controlled my dreams once or twice. Even then, I cannot invoke a spirit or guide to visit me when I want, and I’ve never astral projected.

As I said, I’ve got a long way to go for someone who’s naturally good at just having the dreams.

The other night I had a vivid dream about someone who is no longer in my life. He’s a reoccurring image in dreams, somewhat to my annoyance. I’ve always just known he doesn’t represent…him. If that makes sense. But still, I don’t know what he does symbolize or represent.

Again, that’s the thing. Dream interpretation is the hard part. Here are two reminders for everyone looking to get better at dream interpretation.

1. It can be extremely personal, so a dictionary won’t always help.

Exhibit A: this guy that always appears in my dreams. Yes, he’s an old friend. Yes, some may consider him an ex. But no, despite what every internet dictionary says, he is not a symbol that I haven’t gotten closure or admire some aspect about him I wish I had for myself. Sometimes I read a dream interpretation the internet gave me and bit my lip, knowing that it doesn’t feel right or even make sense. So sometimes, we have to use our intuition, really think about what else we saw in the dream, and remember that we have personal associations too.

2. When it doubt, ask tarot or your preferred method of divination

And when I finally got annoyed of not knowing, I sat down and straight up asked the cards “What the heck does he represent.” And they gave me a clear answer. Go to your preferred source of divination and ask with a clear head, and if you can, do it right after the dream itself. That’s when you’ll get the clearest answers. Sometimes, we may even need to ask a professional for guidance so we don't get too in our heads.

3. *A bonus number three* There are mixed views on how guides, deities, etc. will reach you in your dreams.

Some people believe that spirit guides, deities, the universe, God, etc. will give you the signs you need in either two ways: that they will give you signs you already know, OR that they will give you signs you have never seen before. For those that believe that latter, the idea is that you subconscious might plant the signs you want to see into your dream; since you know the answer you want, your brain might show you signs to confirm it – not your guides. So, they’ll put something you have to look up and research, so you know it isn’t your subconscious, but rather really them. Others believe that they’ll give you the sign you ask for, or signs you know…so you’ll know it’s a sign and you’ll know what it means.

Consider both. It’s up to you on what you believe.

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