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Double Aquarius Full Moon Meaning and Magick

There’s a full moon happening this Sunday, and it happens to be the second full moon in Aquarius happening in a row – that doesn’t happen quite so often.

So, here’s what this double Aquarius full moon means for you this August.

The first Aquarius full moon brought our social standing and our authenticity into the light. A lot of us were questioning whether we were being our authentic selves, where we were being our authentic selves, and if there were societal norms we were following because we thought we had to.

That can be a lot to come to grips with – and doing a few journal prompts may have been beneficial, but many of us may have been so overwhelmed that was all we did.

Journal, sit in shock, and maybe cry a little.

This second full moon is basically doing the same thing; it’s bringing up our authenticity and our place in our societies. But this time it’s highlighting action. Being your true self is not something you can ignore. And much like an eclipse, if you try and ignore something, the universe will make sure you see it anyway. This second Aquarius full moon is a second chance in recognizing a pattern and making active changes.

It doesn’t have to be complicated though.

This could simply mean looking back at your journal prompts, and then taking the time to unfollow people on Instagram and Twitter. It could mean finally going through your wardrobe and only keeping items that currently fit you well and that you absolutely love. It could mean something as dramatic as telling a person you need some space.

Again, it’s about simply taking action. Reflection is great, and we covered that the last Aquarius full moon. Now it’s time to act.

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