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Day of Miracles: the Jupiter Cazimi

According to astrology, today is the luckiest day of the year

Jupiter cazimi Taurus day of miracles
Jupiter Cazimi in Taurus: Luckiest Day of the Year

Today, May 18th 2024 is the Jupiter cazimi, making today the luckiest day of the year, astrologically speaking, that is. The Jupiter cazimi is often referred to as the “day of miracles,” since Jupiter is the planet of luck, fortune and blessings. All of this happening in the sign of Taurus is very sweet indeed, as Taurus, with Venus as her ruler, is a natural sign for Jupiter to flourish in. This could bring luck and blessings to us through our relationships, matters of love, harmony and fulfillment as well as beauty, art and the values of reliability and sustained effort over time for lasting growth. 

Jupiter Cazimi 

The word cazimi means “in the heart of the sun,” which perfectly describes what is happening. Jupiter is exactly conjunct the sun, meaning that it appears to us as engulfed in the center of the sun. A cazimi is thought to magnify the energy of the planet that is entering the heart of the sun, which makes the Jupiter cazimi extra intense as Jupiter is a planet that magnifies anything it touches. Here, the sun is amplifying Jupiter and in turn, Jupiter is amplifying the energy of the Sun and the sign of the conjunction, Taurus. 


Jupiter in astrology is often referred to as the “Great Benefic.”  It is a planet known for bringing lucky streaks and making everything a little bit better. It is the planet of optimism, belief, wisdom, expansion, growth, indulgence, abundance, generosity and gratitude. Juptier is one of our teacher planets, meaning that it comes to us to help us grow and mature. Unlike Saturn, our other big teacher, Jupiter tends to lead us into growth in ways that feel affirming, joyful and fun. These are the lessons we learn while we embrace our optimism, hope and faith. This is why Jupiter rules over luck and gambling -- Jupiter pushes us to take leaps and risks, and since it thrives in that territory, these risks often pay off. 


We are nearing the end of Taurus season, which ends on May 20th where we transition into the season of fun loving Gemini. But hang tight Geminis, Taurus is not quite yet finished with us. We have had a lot of energy and lessons coming through the sign of Taurus as of late, beginning with the major Jupiter Uranus Conjunction at the end of April, which was followed by a Taurus new moon a week and a half ago, and now culminating at the end of the season with the Jupiter cazimi in this earthy and sensual sign. Taurus wants us to invest deeply in love, values and fulfillment, and to understand that these things are like plants in a garden, they must be watered and nurtured over time for that slow and sustainable kind of growth to take place. With Taurus, things don't just happen. They happen because effort and commitment was put in, because the behind the scenes work was consistent and steady. It's easy to look at a flourishing, abundant garden and think that the gardener must have a green thumb, but what they actually have is the dedication and devotion to show up each day and put in the work. That is what Taurus has been trying to teach us, and it has been asking us to examine where exactly we want that long lasting growth to take place. What matters enough to us that we will put in the day-to-day hard work of bringing it to life? 

Jupiter in Gemini 

On May 25th, Jupiter will move out of the sign of Taurus and into Gemini where it will stay until June 9th of 2025. This will bring more social activity into our lives, and will expand the house in your birthchart that Gemini rules over. Gemini risings will be the most affected, and if you’re a Gemini rising this transition is probably going to feel like a breath of fresh air. Jupiter has been making the underworld journey through your 12th house of the hidden, subconscious and limitation, also referred to as the house of self undoing, so when Jupiter enters Gemini in your first house it will be a true rebirth moment. Hopefully, you were able to shed some limitations and negative self-beliefs during Jupiter’s time in the 12th house, and now you can move forward as a new, and freer, version of yourself. 

Luckiest Day of The Year 

As I said, today is referred to as the luckiest day of the year. I just want to talk a little about what that means, to me. We sometimes think when we talk about these astrological transits that something major has to happen, especially when there is so much pressure, such as a “day of miracles.” In my experience, the Universe sees no separation between the significance of the mundane and the extraordinary. Our human thinking wants to make everything majorly exceptional, and often we gloss over how exceptional the little things can be. You probably won't win the lottery today or have your dream job handed to you on a silver platter, but maybe today will be a little sweeter, a little easier and a little more magical than yesterday. Maybe the rain left your flowers in full bloom, or your morning coffee tasted a little bit better than usual. Maybe someone you love that you haven’t spoken to in a while crossed your mind, and if so you should give them a call. Miracles can be so little, and they are no less magical or Godlike than the earth-shattering ones that come every once in a lifetime. Go outside and listen to the birds, watch the wind blow through the trees and sit in wonder at the fact that you’re here a part of it all, connected to this beautiful world and every aspect of life that dwells within it. Today doesn't have to be huge, and likely it won’t be, but with the right mindset, you just might feel some of the magic around us, and in my mind, that’s pretty darn lucky. 

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