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Cleanse a Crystal 4 Ways

Are your crystals starting to feel a little less energetically vibrant? It may be time for a cleanse!  Below are four easy ways to reinvigorate your crystals healing energy. 

1. Bury them

Let Mother Earth do the work! Bury your crystal in your yard or even in a potted plant or bowl of salt overnight. This method requires the least effort on your part; just don’t forget where you buried it! This method is safe and effective for all crystals.

2. Bathe them

Place your crystals outside during the rain, or give them a bath in a bowl of salt water. This method works best for crystals in the quartz family. Be careful; crystals such as selenite and malachite will melt in the water, and metal stones such as pyrite and hematite can rust. If they end in “-ite” don’t get them wet.  

3. Smoke cleaning

Light a bundle of sage, cedar, or palo santo in a fire proof dish. Hold your stone and gently pass it through the smoke for about thirty seconds. This method is safe for all stones, and has the added benefit of cleansing your home as well!

4. Sunlight or Moonlight

Lay your stones in safe place outside (such as on a patio table) or even inside on a windowsill. Leave them there while you’re at work or overnight. Vibrantly colored stones such as amethyst and fluorite should be cleansed in the moonlight; sunlight will bleach them! If you’re a busy person who likes to “set it and forget it”, this could be the best method for you.

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