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Can You Read Your Own Tarot? Here's When You Should Get A Reading:

Can you read tarot for yourself?

Yes. You can.

But should you? We already have a blog post on that.

Rather than give a concrete no, don’t or heck yeah, I’d like to tell you when I prefer to get my cards read by someone else.

There have been many times where I have asked the tarot a question, pulled some cards, and stared blankly at their pictures.

I did the proper methodology of meditating, clearing my head, and shuffling cards in my preferred method – still, absolutely nothing. Suddenly I have no clue what the seven of wands means. Or, I really don’t know what all the cards mean together.

In general, I take this as the cards way of telling me either that I’m not meant to know the answer, or that I need to have them read by someone else.

Another time I’ll get my cards read: when I know I’m biased.

If it’s about a relationship, and I want it to work out, the cards are going to tell me it will work out. If I genuinely feel like I want to move, the cards will reflect those ideas and tell me to move.

But other times, it’s like my own head will bog me down. Let’s face it – we can be quite mean to ourselves or dismissive of our own feelings. So it’s better to get the cards read by someone outside our heads, so there is no opportunity to shut ourselves down.

Quite often though, I enjoy getting my cards read simply because it’s a new perspective.

Whether the reader uses oracle cards or the tarot, I find everyone sees each card differently. There may be details of a situation that the reader picks up on that you might never have noticed. They may say a word or phrase that really sticks with you. They may be connected to the divine in a different way, and therefore able to channel a different – but still very relevant and important – message than you would’ve.

Truly, there’s just something about getting your cards read by someone else. Something ten times as magical and valuable as reading them yourself. I’ve had more great insights and moments of enlightenment when someone else is doing the reading than when I’m doing the reading.

If you’re interested in getting a reading, please check out our tarot bookings here.

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