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Brain Fog When Reading Tarot? Try These Four Tips:

Sometimes, even if we’ve been reading for years, we can pull tarot cards to try and answer a question…and yet feel like we’re staring at nothing, leaving us feeling confused and like the message just isn’t getting across to us.

This is normal.

If you’re anywhere on your divination and tarot reading journey, it is completely normal to sometimes feel like you have no idea what your cards just said. My best advice is to take a breath, and ask the question later when you’re in a different headspace – ideally a more relaxed, clear-headed one.

But if it keeps happening, over and over (again, totally normal), I have a few more tips that might help you out:

1. Don’t be afraid to look up meanings again.

If you’re in a pinch and really want clarity, don’t be afraid to turn to google or your favorite reference book, or even the reference book that came with the deck to find meanings. Don’t feel embarrassed writing them down and slowly stringing the pieces together. And, if it still doesn’t make sense, maybe it will later. Write it down, and reflect in a week or two.

2. Try switching to oracle.

Lately, I’ve been reading a deck of oracle cards instead. Specifically, I mean try switching to an oracle deck where the message is written out in a sentence. This can honestly make things clearer. Sometimes our heads really just need a break from everything, and need a little help. It’s okay to turn to a deck that will make the answer more obvious.

3. Take a break from that method of divination.

This one is maybe not one you want to hear, but sometimes you may just need to take a break. Whether it’s from burnout, general mental health, or anything unrelated to tarot at all, sometimes it can be good to set the cards down and not pick them up for a little. Maybe there’s some more practical way of figuring things out, like talking it out with someone, or maybe there’s another spiritual method that will work better in the meantime.

This doesn’t mean to never go back! Just try something else for a little. You tarot cards will still be there when you come back.

4. Have someone else read for you

Again, this is part of getting out of our own heads and getting some outside perspective instead. This may be a question to ask someone else, like a friend, or get a professional reading done. Cosmic Corner offers some, but you can even do some casual pick a card readings on YouTube and see what resonates and makes sense.

Has this brain-fog ever happened to you before? Let us know over on Facebook.

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