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Black Owned Products to Buy at Cosmic Corner

No matter what day it is, we support black creators and business owners here at Cosmic Corner by giving them a platform to sell their products and achieve their dreams – most of them local to the Savannah, GA area.

Buy purchasing from black-owned businesses and small creators within shops, you tell Cosmic Corner what you want to see more of in not just our shop, but in all shops in general. Never forget how powerful you are as a consumer to celebrate people, change the lives of small business owners for the better, and to change the mass consumer market over time.

Today we’d like to feature two products in our shop, knowing that more are coming in the future. Something to look forward to: some guest series posts from a hoodoo practinoer talking about the practice. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to see when that launches!

But anyway, onto the products.

Balms by Herbal Purposes

These handmade herbal balms are made with intention, magick, and quality ingredients – and you can only get them as Cosmic Corner Savannah. Created by Nylia Hardy, these are great for both every day and ritual use. From uplifting blends to opening your third eye to becoming a love magnet, these are powerful and subtle all at the same time.

This creator also handmakes magickly charged soaps with intention from drawing yourself money, to forming self-love.

You can check out all her products here.

365 Days of Affirmations by Phoenix Gibbs

Dedicated to those who don’t feel seen or heard in life, or feel less than worthy, this book was made to create affirmations where you can not just build a habit, but positively change your entire life. Phoenix Gibbs is an Oracle / Healer and Spiritual Mentor who followed her spirit guides to Savannah GA to work on self-love and compassion. You can learn more about them and the book here.

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