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Beginners Manifestation: What Does it Mean?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I remember hearing the word manifest often at the start of my spiritual journey. I remember stumbling over what it meant for month.

Google defines the verb to manifest as “to display or show, by one’s act’s or appearance; to demonstrate.” And while this may be one confusing definition, the spiritual community has a completely different, even more powerful definition of what manifestation is.

To manifest is to draw something desirable into your life. It is to create the world you wish not to just see, but to be part of. To manifest something is to step into your power as a human being and realize you are worthy and deserving of your desires, and to focus intention into bringing desires into reality.

Its powerful, if you know how to do it. Its surreal, if you’ve ever witnessed it. Its picky, and choosey, and embodies the saying be careful what you wish for.

Manifestation is subtle. To manifest is to rewire your brain and learn to trust your subconscious to make the right choices.

Anyone, and everyone, can manifest.

It be used anywhere in life. To get the job you’ve always wanted, to make friends that will guide you down the right path, to finally get that dream house.

Depending on what you want, you may try different techniques. Depending on your own inherent talents, you may try different methods. You may manifest something and realize it’s not at all what you wanted. You may try too hard, and it may not work. You may realize what you want is not what you need.

But this is all part of the journey of manifestation, and though it may feel confusing at first, practice makes perfect.

This month, Cosmic Corner takes you through the journey of manifestation. We explain what it is, different methods of manifesting, and help troubleshoot problems along the journey. Next week, we cover many common and unusual ways of manifesting.

In the meantime, what does manifestation mean to you? Comment down below to share.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 03, 2020

Claim it. Believe it. See it.

I claimed I would win. I believed I would win. I SAW me win and I made my husband look at me in the dress I was wearing and imagine me holding one of those big giant checks. When others said “ if you win” and I interrupted and made them correct it to WHEN you win. I had a 3 of 181 chances to win. I WON. $25000. Winning was awesome and exciting. But nothing compared to the feeling of it actually happening bc I made it.

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