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Astrology: Libra Season Forecast

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

This busy month brings change with a full moon connected to the nodes of destiny and a new moon that heralds the beginning of eclipse season

libra season brings a full moon, new moon and eclipse season
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Libra Season – the Halfway Point

Bye-bye Virgo, we are officially in Libra season. Libra season marks a significant time of the year, as reflected by the fact that the season begins with the Autumn Equinox. This is a time of balance, harmony and reflection. It marks the end of summer and the transition into winter. Here in Savannah, the seasons look a little different and the weather is just starting to get enjoyable, but for many in the northern hemisphere, and for the ancestors of ours who lived there, this time marks the end of harvest and the start of preparation for the hard, cold months ahead. It’s valuable during this time to look back and honor the cycle that you are completing. What harvest has been reaped? What seeds have blossomed into manifestation? Before we continue into the next cycle, we must be present with the blessings we have already received. Have you taken a second to honor what has come to you in the past season? What about the past 6 months? At this point, we are at the halfway point of the year. There is more to come, but why not be present first with what has already come to pass? Can you sense a path or pattern emerging? It's okay if one is yet to be revealed and it's best to remember that no matter what we do, progress is made and there is always movement forward. Slow growth is better than no growth, and as we move into the slower months of the winter season it is this motto that can see us through.

Libra season definitely marks the start of a more introspective season but that doesn't mean this time is meant to be serious. On the contrary, Libra, being Venus ruled, invites us deeper into pleasure and connection with our values. The focus here in particular is on relationships, as that is the area Libra rules.

Libra is about “us.” It is the opposite of the expression of “I” that comes with Aries. At its core, Libra is about harmony, and harmony when it comes to people is about cooperation. There is so much for this sign to teach us about how we interact with others, especially those we love. Libra teaches us to fight as a team, to tackle the obstacle not each other, and to value the happiness and harmony of our relationships over being right. (“Would you rather be right or happy?” Is the question Libra asks of us.) Libra is a sign that readily sacrifices their own ego for another's. This is both admirable and foolish – to be healthy in this expression we must further utilize the gifts of Libra and find balance. Finding balance between a give and take, finding balance between our desires and the desires of those we love. Where can we give more and compromise more? But also, where have we given too much? Where has our compromise reduced us to a level that we are not comfortable with? These are all the questions that we have the opportunity to contemplate this Libra season, with many astrological events taking place to support this process.

Aries Full Moon

The first astrological event of this season to take place (after the Equinox, which took place on the 23rd, the second day of Libra season) is the full moon in Aries happening on September 29th. We might feel this tension between our own sense of self and our relationships and the impact they have on us become more apparent with this full moon. Aries is the sign all about “I” – it is our identity, our will, our personal desires and our core need to experience ourselves for the sake of defining who we are. This will be the last moon before the start of eclipse season begins – and this moon gives us a sneak peak of what's to come.

The Nodes of Destiny

To understand the significance of this full moon and eclipse season, we need to understand the nodes of destiny. In astrology, the nodes of destiny are two separate but opposite mathematical points that relate to the sun and the moon. They are associated with fate, our past lives and where we are meant to go. The north node represents our destiny in this lifetime. It is the thing we are meant to move towards and experience in this incarnation, whereas our south node represents our past, our past lives and childhood, and represents a sort of comfort zone to us. We are familiar with it; it comes naturally and we don’t have to think about it. Oftentimes, this corresponds with our instincts, especially as it pertains to our default coping mechanisms. When we don’t know what to do, we tend to naturally fall back on what we know, which is represented by our south node. It is our north node, that which we have yet to really experience, that we are tasked with moving towards. This is usually unknown to us or unfamiliar, and we may feel awkward embracing it. Hence why the nodes are a maturing process that is present throughout the course of our lifetime.

The nodes change signs every 18 months and recently they switched over the from Taurus/Scorpio axis — where the collective had experiences around possession, material belongings and fears around scarcity — into the Aries/Libra axis where the focus is on embracing our authentic selves and outgrowing people-pleasing tendencies. The Aries/Libra axis asks us to move forward with our desires and passions, to let our determination lead the way and to let go of relationships and environments that hold us back or keep us inactive.

Aries Full Moon Conjunct North Node

The full moon in Aries will be conjunct the north node, illuminating these themes even further. We might find clarity or experience some sort of epiphany or opportunity that changes things for us in a big way – furthering dropping us into the path that we are currently meant to explore. There may be opportunities to let go of some people-pleasing ways, or relationships that are keeping us from who we truly are or what we wish to move towards. Ultimately, this full moon is providing direction and insight into intentional action that we can take in an otherwise more dormant season. Libra season is usually a slower time of reflection and pause but this particular one is more engaged due to its conjunction to the transiting south node. As such, we may find that we experience changes in our lives during this time that deal with release. Because the sun is conjunct the south node, we have opportunities to let go of self-sacrifice and the expectations of others and instead embrace ourselves as diviners of our own destiny. “What path do I follow?” You ask. “What is it that you want?” Aries answers. “Go for that.”

New Moon in Libra and Eclipse Season

On October 14th we have a new moon in Libra and our first eclipse. Eclipse season happens twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. It is significant for a number of reasons but particularly because of its connection to the nodes. When we experience eclipses the nodes of destiny are always involved making eclipse season connected to fate. Eclipse season is notorious for being unpredictable, difficult, and chaotic and this will last until the end of October, with the last eclipse taking place on the full moon on October 28th. Eclipse season is a time where things fall out of our lives often unexpectedly, things are brought back up from the past and wounds are often triggered in ways that have the potential to lead us into growth. We can also experience new opportunities that move us forward on our path though it may not be obvious in the moment. An inherently chaotic season makes this a time of trust – we are asked not to manifest and instead to surrender. At this point, it is expected that we have already manifested, already put into action our desires and intentions and now it's the Universe's time to do its part. If you’ve ever worked with the Universe before (which, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you have) then you know that the Universe is totally chaotic, nonlinear and often destructive in Their approach. Such is life here in this human existence. Our beautiful Universe in which we inhabit is unconcerned with our human feelings such as anxiety and fear of the unknown. They are simply enacting constant cycles of destruction and creation in which to grow new life and keep the cycle of expansion going. And so for us, the magical worker, we must trust in our divine partner and in our ability to hitch a ride on its naturally supportive cycles of sowing and reaping. Eclipse season is an opportunity to trust in ourselves, in the magic we work and the intentions we have set, and in the Universe – that we will be met with the right opportunities and experiences to see us down our true path and that what falls away was never meant for us anyway.


Plenty of powerful opportunities for growth through release this month. The full moon in Aries on September 29th starts us off and gives us a sneak peak of what’s to come during eclipse season which begins with the new moon in Libra on October 14th. From there, we are asked to surrender and let go. To ride the wave of the Universe which is connecting us further with our destiny and deepening our connection to our sense of self and our desires. This season invites us to let go of people-pleasing, playing small and living up to the expectations of others while bringing us insight into our true wants and an understanding of our own ability to create what is it that we desire. All of this prepares us for Scorpio season, a time of death and rebirth, where we will experience one more eclipse on an astrologically active full moon. Until then, welcome to the season of Libra.

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