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Are You A Witch? The Biggest Sign:

Recently, I have been questioning whether or not I’m a witch – or more importantly, if I want to be called a witch.

It’s trendy to collect crystals, and self-care rituals have appealed to the average person much more in the last eight months. The law of attraction, the word magic, and the idea of spells have become comfortable words in the mouths of people.

And a lot of us are questioning whether practicing these methods of divination, self-care, and manifestation are considered witchcraft. A lot of people are wondering wait, am I witch?

Whether this clashes with the spiritual beliefs they or their families were raised with, or whether the term itself makes them uncomfortable, questioning the path you’re on can cause inner turmoil beyond belief.

My first question really was … well, what defines a witch anyway?

Friends on the interwebs and social media sites seem to agree: if you practice witchcraft, no matter how little or often, then bam, you’re a witch.

But another important detail in these posts is mentioned. They say, “if you practice witchcraft, and want to call yourself a witch, then you’re a witch.”

That’s the magic right there. It is the desire to have the name that makes you a witch. At the end of the day, it’s just a label and doesn’t define you – unless you want it to. But it’s about you. It’s about what you want.

You can scour the internet for “5 signs you’re a witch,” to try and answer your question, but at the end of the day no matter how many or how little of those “signs” and cliches you fit into, it comes down to one simple question:

Do you call yourself a witch?

Yes? Then you are one.

No? Then you aren’t.

Either is perfectly acceptable, no matter what rituals, spells, or methods you practice.

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