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Are Crystal Elixir Water Bottles Safe to Drink?

Okay, do we all remember the crystal elixir water bottles that went viral in 2019? Well, they’re making another stir in the #witchtok world again.

While the original water bottles are made by a company called Nature’s Healing, there have been many knock offs & DIY’s out there in the world since then. Now, one crystal shop owner is questioning all crystal water bottles.

Amber’s Aura Crystal Finds (@ambersauracrystalfinds on Instagram) recently created a TikTok series called “Do Not Buy These, I’ll Explain Why,” and went on to showcase Nature’s Healing crystal elixir water bottles, along with a few other brands.

She says that not only are some of the crystals they use in the bottles harmful, but how they polish and attach their crystals may be toxic as well.

For example, one photo is seen where you can purchase a Fluorite point to put into the bottle, but according to Amber, and many other medical professionals, fluoride in water can be cause serious damage if drank in large amounts – like dental and skeletal fluorosis. Big yikes.

Amber also points out that the company, and many others, do not reveal what they use to polish their pretty little stones. It’s unknown whether these polishes will leech harmful chemicals into the water or not, which is another reason to not drink these magickal elixirs.

But, there are still safe ways to use crystals in our drinks! As we covered in a previous blog post, you can use the indirect method: where you put your crystals in a plastic bag, and then place them in the water. This will still allow all the metaphysical benefits of the crystal to be absorbed into the water, without the harmful things.

Better yet, there’s an amazing way to get magick and intention into your drinks while being totally safe. Cosmic Corner has specific tea blends, which can be drank hot or cold, for different intentions. Need better rest or more success? No problem. No harmful crystal minerals or polish chemicals, just herbal goodness. You can check out our supply here.

Do you use crystal elixirs? Comment below or let us know over on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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