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Aquarius Uranus Generation, born between 1996-2003: Pluto In Aquarius is About You

Updated: Jan 17

If you were born between 1996-2003 you will be activated by Pluto in Aquarius throughout the next 20 years as Pluto makes a conjunction to your natal Uranus. This is our generation's time to come to the forefront of this moment and share our unique perspective. Major reforms are possible on both an individual and collective level, but it's certainly true that we have our work cut out for us.

Uranus in Aquarius 

Our generation is unique in general, especially if you are a part of the 90s crew. In classic Aquarius style, we don't fit neatly into a box about what generation we are a part of. Some would say we’re Gen Z, probably technically true and some of us may resonate with that label. However, technology has progressed so much in our lifetime, beginning at the start of our lifetime when Uranus in Aquarius brought the rapid rise of the internet. Due to this rapid change and technological growth that moved quicker than we’d ever seen before as a species, those of us in our generation may feel alienated from those who came after us and before us. Those born after us are the kids who grew up with the internet and social media at their immediate disposal (I believe they refer to them as the tech-fluent generation) and those before us are the millennials who experienced the first wave of this innovation while they were teens. Uranus in Aquarius was never given a real place to land, we are instead a sort of island representing the change that took place – we mark the spark of progress and the moment of innovation that sent shock waves across our global world; the moment we shifted from the way it had been for eons, into the future (which is Uranus' and Aquanius’ domain) to a world with A.I, smartphones and the ability to connect with anyone around the globe in a split second. 

Aquarius Meaning


Aquarius is the sign of the rebel, the outcast, the loner, the inventor, the eccentric, the metaphysical worker, the astrologer, the humanitarian, the non-conformist, the revolutionary. It is a sign that is so many things because at its core it is simply unique. This is a sign that knows it's different, and everyone else knows it too. There's something that distinctly sets Aquarius apart from others, but this gets to be its superpower. It is never concerned with fitting in because fitting in has never been an option. And that is how Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, encounters its core mission: freedom. When the only choice we have is to radically be ourselves, we finally get to be free, and by discovering this sense of personal freedom we empower and liberate others to do the same.

Uranus Meaning

Uranus is a generational planet that takes approximately 7 years to move through each zodiac sign. It is the planet of revolution, rebellion, individuality, self-expression, community, humanitarianism, equality, future, progress, technology, and innovation. It is a lightning bolt shockwave that shakes up the status quo and pushes us into action to make the world a better place. That better place is not an arbitrary placeholder word for the idea of something better, it is already a society that is living in the mind of Uranus. It knows what to do to bring it about and it knows what it looks like, it has the entirety of it mapped out in its metaphysical, ingenuitive brain. Uranus is here to move us into the future. It is not content to think about things only, it wants to bring their ideals into reality; to create a Utopia on Earth because it knows it's actually possible – in fact, it's got the blueprints right here. Every time we progress drastically as a society, Uranus is involved. Usually, these advancements come from the mind of Uranus, through inventions and technological progress. Aquarius is the child of this powerful planet and it shares many of its traits. The combo of Uranus in Aquarius is the equivalent of this energy dialed up to 100. It is operating at top speed with nothing holding it back. 

Aquarius Pluto Conjuction

Due to all of this, our generation is more abstract, ideal-oriented, and willing to discover new ways of progress that set us apart from the mainstream or dominant culture. However, although we are prone to thinking outside of the box and have a very real investment in supporting the unique self-expression of others, we can be prone to hive mind and this can counter all that we are striving towards. We can have a tendency to think progress, or even counter-culture, should to look one way. We can see this with cancel culture and the way we have created an environment of hostility, existing mostly online (a defining aspect of our generation), in which we all need to confirm and validate each other's same opinions or find ourselves ostracized, alienated or publicly shamed. 

Aquarius deals with the relationship between the individual and the collective, the place where the two intersect and react/enact to/through one another. Pluto is going to try and clean up this disconnect for us – meaning, a bunch of things that are connected to our generation and its perspective will come under scrutiny in the next 20 years. The pain and harm of these things will be revealed and we will have to reckon with it. Pluto is pointing out to us that our actions and ideals are not always aligned, and they really need to be if we are to create the societal change that our generation came here to be at the forefront of. 

Pluto The Great Excavator Connects with Uranus the Great Innovator 

Uranus in Aquarius gave us so many advances, and now Pluto in Aquarius is coming in to refine them, point out the ways they have failed, and transform the good ideals from that era into good efforts. We need to separate innovation from money and financial success. That was Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto in Aquarius wants real change on a societal and individual level. It wants us to believe in a better world and work to bring it to life. That's where our generation can be of help. We can see exactly what Pluto in Aquarius wants to work with, for it is inherent in us and our experiences of our world. Our generation is different from millennials in a particularly crucial way: we are the very first of the generations to understand from the get-go that the current structures of our society and where we could find success had already begun to crumble. Many millennials still bought into the linear model of society and success that was given to them because when they were in school and in college that way of life still existed. They were the generation to graduate college as Pluto entered Capricorn, bringing with it the financial collapse of 2008 which was the first domino of the old ways to fall. They learned the hard way that there weren't jobs available even though they had a degree. They were the first generation to be put into exorbitant student loan debt without the job security to pay it off. We, Uranus in Aquarius watched all this happen. We never had the chance to become disillusioned because the illusion fell apart right in front of us when many of us were even younger than middle school-aged. This colored our perspective on the world, and it is this very perspective that the world will need for these next two decades of transformation, and hopefully progress. 

The Age of Aquarius 

If we do this right, we could see huge reforms and movements over the next 20 years. We could see the introduction of universal basic income in some countries and other revolutionary reforms that bring greater equality and humanitarian support to the people. We might see more and more people disconnect from mainstream culture in favor of a more simple, authentic life amongst genuine community. The rise of homesteading can be seen as a response to this energy already that is pushing us to explore what makes us happy on a deeply personal and individual level without simply responding to the influence of greater societal messaging of what success and happiness look like.

Impact on Our Personal Lives

If you’re a part of this Uranus in Aquarius generation, the older you are the sooner you will feel the effects of Pluto conjunct your natal Uranus in your personal life. While this transit is essentially awakening an entire generation, bringing with it massive collective change, it is also going to be equally influential in our individual lives. Uranus by definition is a planet whose actions can not be predicted, the best we can do is always assume it will be unpredictable, whatever happens. We will undergo surprising transformations in our lives, and this will generally be in the area of your life represented by the house that Uranus is in according to your birth chart. Due to the interconnected nature of the individual path and the collective journey that our generation is a part of, it's very possible that many of these individual changes will be the result of external, societal change and vice versa. 

Highest Intentions

My biggest wish from this would be that we begin to prioritize our own unique definitions of fulfillment, success, and what we desire for our world and life, and then without permission, in rebellious Uranus style, simply begin to create it for ourselves; As we embrace a personal liberation, demanding and enacting a collective one, upholding both the individual and the collective well-being as a core human right. This means expanding our sense of connection and community, to begin to shape our individual lives around the lives of each other in a caring, supportive way. Looking out for one another as we have done throughout human history, reconnecting to the understanding that we exist together in community and that we, in many many ways, belong to one another. We are meant to care for strangers, we are meant to want the best for our fellow people. We belong in connection and relationship, to be held by our village and to hold them in return. We live in a globalized society, we must expand our definition of our “in-group,” who we see as a part of our community and who we see as on the outside. We are quickly entering an era of humankind that is so expansive and connected that we have no choice but for the sake of our world and the sake of our well-being, to embrace all of the people on this planet as our own, as our community. Nothing is separating us anymore, only the mental barriers programmed into us from a culture that has the chance to die. We have the option to remove these ourselves and open our hearts and minds to a greater definition of humanity and community. 

We could divest from the current structures that disempower us and turn towards our living, breathing communities and simply decide to live our lives for ourselves in whatever way we know is most truthful to us. We can carve out a new path, a new option for others to follow if they choose, and that path at its core would be about living an authentic, truthful, and innovative life. We could actually move into a future we want to be in, into a future where the word progress doesn't sound like an oxymoron. This will not be easily won, of course, and we must respond to what Pluto has to teach us about our fears and failures. This is a crucial moment for our generation and we will likely have a difficult but hopefully rewarding experience of it. We must assume we are here at this moment in time for a reason, and hopefully, we find it within ourselves to rise to the occasion. What happens in the next 20 years is anyone's guess, but we have a powerful opportunity to direct how it goes.

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