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An Imbolc Haul and Ritual from Cosmic Corner

The first sabbat in the traditional Gregorian calendar is coming up, and that’s Imbolc! Celebrating renewal, rebirth, and fertility, I am excited about it! This year, a lot of us are thinking of starting fresh when it comes to perspective on how we want to spend out time.

And personally, I want to spend a lot of my time connecting to my personal energy, nature’s energy, and my practice – and celebrating the sabbats is a great way to do that.

If you’re curious about how to celebrate your own Imbolc, I’ve put together an affordable shopping list for you all to grab in-time for the holiday. And, I’ve included a ritual I plan on doing.

As Imbolc is a sabbat about the returning of the sun and the light, it is a perfect time to stock up on chime candles or jar candles. I’ll be grabbing chime candles in white, black, and one yellow. Red and yellow are great, bright colors to work with in candles for this sabbat, as they often represent the sun.

If you’re newer to spell work, I recommend grabbing one of these chime candle holders as well.

I’ll be anointing mine with this gardenia oil, as the flowers represent purity and devotion.

This is the perfect time to rededicate yourself to your practice, any new year’s habits or themes you wanted to stick to, or any habits you may have fallen off with.

If you just want one candle that already has the proper energy infused into it, I recommend this reiki pillar candle which is charged with potent creative energy. Imbolc is all about stimulating creative ideas that we will put into action once spring and summer arrive.

I’ll be using these materials to do a rededication ritual using candle magick. It’s very simply and can be done by witches in or out of the broom closet.

All you need is a candle, and an anointing oil of your choice. You can carve a corresponding sigil into the candle if you’d like.

I’ll be taking a white candle, as I personally enjoy the color white, but it also symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, and the snow that’s still on the ground here in Maryland. You may also use an Imbolc color, or green, to represent freshness and newness.

The gardenia oil for devotion will represent my devotion to myself and my practice. This is a good time to devote yourself to your deities as well, if you work with them.

A small offering for my spirit guides will be made as I invite them back into my life, including a small crystal, and something sweet like honey or brown sugar.

I will meditate on what my spiritual goals are for the year, what I love about my old, current, and future spiritual practices, and on what I love about myself. It’s always good to include thinking about what you’re grateful as well, to add a bit of power and law of attraction into the spell.

Then, I’ll light the candle in honor of this promise.

While the candle burns, that is the perfect time to do anything else you were planning on doing during the holiday. I’ll be lighting mine as I cook dinner for loved ones, as cooking and baking is my personal favorite way to slow down and get my mind off of daily work.

Other ideas for you can include journaling, planting seeds, or doing a creative hobby. Going for a walk in nature to see what hints of spring you can find – I’m sure in Savannah they are abundant – is also a relaxing way to spend the day. Just, don’t leave the candle unattended.

This entire shopping list is only $10-20, and is so simple for any closeted or noncloseted witch. You’ll have to let us know what your Imbolc plans are over on our Facebook page!

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