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An Easy Ritual for New Years Eve - Releasing the Past Self

Ever since I’ve been practicing witchcraft and doing rituals, I always do the same ritual around the new year. It’s a simple chord cutting ritual meant to release the past self, so that the future self may thrive and grow with new, open space and less strings attached.

But, you can do this spell anytime of year if you feel like you really need a fresh start.

I love this ritual because it can be done two different ways, both of which I’ll explain, and it can be done passively or actively.

Meaning, for busy witches, as long as you’re in the same room as your candles, you can work on something else while the spell happens.

We’ll start with the method I normally use, which requires slightly more materials.

You’ll need: two chime candles – traditionally black and white, but this year I used what I had to save resources Any sort of string Firesafe bowl / plate Lighter Optional: Carving materials Recording device *for those busy witches, this is highly recommended*


It’s really quite simple! Beforehand if you’ve like, carve “past self” and “future self” into either candle, or a symbol to represent either. If you put the chime candles in little candle holders, I’d still recommend placing them on a firesafe plate.

Then, like any other chord cutting ritual, you tie string to the candles. Tie one side of the string to the past self candle, then tie the other end of the string to the future self candle.

Light either candle with intention, and if you have the time, watch the candles. I usually set my iphone up to record a time lapse, so I can save it and review it for later. If you’re a busy witch, I’d recommend still being in the same room as the flame, but the recording may be extremely useful to you.

Eventually, you will see the chord catch on fire. Even when it breaks, continue letting the candles burn until they go out themselves, or can’t anymore.

And, the easier method using less resources and time –

You’ll Need: Two fire safe tall objects String Lighter Extra water in case Firesafe dish


This one is super easy. I often use two brass candlestick holders, and designate one as my past self side, and one as my future self side. You can label them with paper or symbols if you want. Same as the other method, you tie string across both objects.

However, then I recommend really meditating on what you’re releasing and the intention of the spell. As the other ritual’s method has fire for a long time to active the results, this one uses your mind to activate and fuel the results.

Use the lighter when you’re ready, and point it to the middle of the chord. I usually say something along the lines of “I know spiritually and physically release my past self from my future self.” Then go ahead and light the chord on fire.

It should drop rather quickly, and depending on how large the flames get and what surface you’re on, you may be able to let the string burn out itself, or you may need to blow it out or pour water. Just be safe!

If you try this ritual, make sure to tag us and let us know how it went @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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