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Alcohol in Witchcraft

It's St. Patricks day and if you’ve ever been around savannah on this holiday, you might notice green water, and patrons taking full advantage of open-container laws in the historic district, flashing their green beer.

But alcohol is used year-round in many religions and practices, including witchcraft. I thought it would be fun today to sip some of my own drink, and write about all the ways you can use alcohol in your witchcraft.

The first is as an offering!

Depending on the God, goddess, spirit, or deity, you may use a different alcohol. Some may prefer beer, some wine, some something stronger…just make sure to double check your research. Then, pour some libations out as an offering in a cup or glass and leave it for no longer than a day or two.

It also is a great representation of manifestation and harvest.

Since many alcohols are made with grains, grapes, and other crops, it can quite literally represent the hard work needed to produce those crops, and the physical manifestation of the crop itself. It can be great as a thank you for all the food around us – just don’t pour it onto the earth and mess up the soil composition – but also as a reminder to ourselves that we can reap the rewards of our efforts.

Use it in your spellwork.

Build your own personal association list for different alcohols, or look up the associations with each different libation, and pair it with a spell. Gin is great for good health and good luck, vodka is awesome for spells of courage and strength, wine for blessings and relaxation, beer for things of home and hearth…the list goes on and on.

What’s your favorite way to use alcohol in witchcraft? You’ll have to let us know over on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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