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Accomplish Anything With A Mindfulness Stone

What is a “Mindfulness Stone”?

A special tumbled stone imbued with the energy of a desire and kept in a pocket or purse to act as a physical reminder.

How does it work?

Aside from the known benefits of working with certain crystals, there is a psychological benefit. These stones work as a more fashionable version of a string around your finger. Whenever you acknowledge the stone in any way- whether feeling it in your pocket, rubbing it, or seeing it in your purse- you can access a feeling or memory that you associate with it. It is, in essence, a trigger.

How does it work?

First you must choose a stone! Below I’ve listed a few crystals that would work well for common ailments and desires. Once you have a small-ish tumbled crystal, you must cleanse and charge it with your intent. There are many ways to cleanse a stone (more on that later); for now, though, a safe bet is to light some palo santo and move the stone through the smoke as you imagine all previous energies leaving it until it glows clear and pure.

Now that it’s cleaned out you’ll want to fill it up again with your personal desire. There are so many ways to “charge” a stone. I find the way that works best for this particular little charm is to meditate with the stone held in both hands, focusing intently for five or more minutes on what you WANT (not what you don’t want). You can use the affirmations I’ve provided or (and this is often more powerful) make your own!

And the final step is to keep it with you at all times. If you don’t like to keep a purse on you or put things in pockets, use a stone pendant or bracelet. Touch the stone whenever you feel you need its support. The more you do this, the more the benefits will reach you!

Healthy Eating

Affirmation: “I eat food that supports my body and keeps it healthy and energized.”

Crystals: Rose quartz, citrine

Care: Keep your stone with you and make a habit out of touching base with it before making food choices. While you're eating, let the stone remind you to slow down and honor your hunger or fullness.

Anxiety Calming

Affirmation: “I feel calm and safe.”

Care: Imagine this stone protects you in a layer of armor every time you touch it. You have emotional immunity when it is with you and nothing can get past the stone’s defense.


Affirmation: “I am radiantly joyful!”

Crystals: Citrine, carnelian

Care: Whenever you see something that brings you joy, touch this stone and give it a little bit of your happy energy! You are charging it with your joy so when you need a boost it will always be fully loaded.


Affirmation: “I work efficiently and effortlessly.”

Care: This stone must be on your desk or at hand when you’re working, think of it as your homework buddy. It is vital that you always take it out to begin work and put it away and out of sight to end work, even if you’re taking a quick break or checking your phone.

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