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5 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice (Free and Paid)

Today is the summer solstice; the longest day of the year. If you celebrate the changing of the seasons or any witchy holidays, you may have made plans a little further in advance than me. If you don’t usually, or the day slipped past your mind until today, here are 5 five things you can do this Summer Solstice.

1. Sun Salutations

Sun salutations are a series of yoga poses that embody the masculine energy and the sun’s energy. I will say, they are a bit of a work out, which is sure to get your energy and blood pumping. For traditional yogi’s, it’s often done along side chanting and mantras, and is done as an offering and gratitude ritual to the sun. Even if you can only do one or two, these are a great free option.

For those who are unable to work out, listening to some sun salutation music or meditating can do the same thing. Or, the following low spoons activity:

2. Sit in the sun (or outside, if it’s cloudy)

Today is very cloudy where I am, but I’m still making a point to get outside today. Simply sitting and enjoying the outside is a very low energy thing to do to show your appreciation for the holiday.

Bask in the sun, and feel it on your skin. Feel it warm you, and charge you with its energy. Let it hit your closed eyes. This is a great grounding exercise, and is quite relaxing after a long day, to sooth anxiety, or stress.

3. Mid-year tarot reading

Every Halloween I do a yearly tarot reading. But as the Summer solstice is a shifting point in the year, it’s a good time to do a reading for the next 6 or 12 months, as you feel you need. Sometimes our futures change, and it can be helpful to get clarity or receive messages from the strong energy.

If you want to celebrate a little extra and get your cards read, you can check out appointments here.

4. Go crystal / mineral shopping

I pretty much celebrate every holiday with crystal shopping, if I’m honest. There is something relaxing about browsing through specimens made thousands, millions, and sometimes billions of years ago. The summer solstice is no different. Come visit Cosmic Corner, either online or in person, and browse through some crystals!

5. Success Spell

The sun is all about manifestation energy, action, energy, motivation, money, and success. So it’s a great day to pick up one of our success DIY charm kits and preform it. All the tools you need are inside, and it’s quite affordable.

As you can see, there’s a lot of variation on what you can do on a solstice. Free things, low energy things, high energy things, spellwork and grounding, and sometimes some good ol’ appreciation. How are you spending your summer solstice? Let us know over on Instagram and Facebook.

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