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5 Tips for Visiting a Psychic Medium

This Friday we are hosting the lovely Logan Taylor, a physic medium! Be sure to grab some tickets here if you’re in the Savannah area.

If you’re planning on coming, or are visiting any other psychic medium, here are some tips to prepare for your first visit.

1. Review your current state of grief.

If it’s too soon, you’ll probably know. Any hint of anger, overwhelming sadness, or depression may indicate that it isn’t time to see a medium yet. It’s probably time to seek counseling, or go back to it if you need.

This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that it’s been a long time either – if you’re not ready, then you’re not. And that’s okay. We all process emotions and grief in different ways.

2. Don’t look down upon long distance options.

While we’re hosting here in Savannah, other mediums may have long-distance options such as phone calls or zoom meetings. These can be totally legit! I’ve often read tarot for people on gaming consoles, and it’s been very accurate! It’s all about connecting to the energy, and allowing the medium in just enough to be able to connect to your loved one.

3. Think about your loved one beforehand.

If you have someone in particular in mind, it can be helpful to think about them for a few days before your visit. Talk to them in your head or aloud. Maybe bring an object to the medium if that feels right to you.

4. Try and remain as relaxed as possible.

Whether you bring a fidget toy, or begin to take large, long deep breaths during the session, it’s okay! Whatever you need to feel relaxed, comfortable, and open. Don’t be embarrassed if you shed a few tears, even if you weren’t expecting to.

5. Know it might not go as expected.

Maybe someone else comes through than you were wanting. Maybe a spirit guide comes through and not a person. Maybe nothing comes through very clearly. There are a lot of different scenarios, so keep an open mind when going in.

6. And a bonus #6, write down your experiences as soon as possible.

Whether you write them down or record yourself talking about what just happened, it’s important to record your experiences as soon as possible.

And, make a backup. Once I went to a psychic, wrote everything down in my notes app, and it mysteriously got deleted…so always have it in a couple places.

Again, you can buy tickets to see if Logan Taylor can give you a reading for this Friday, Nov. 19th, 2021!

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