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3 Witchy Self-Care Things That Actually Help

If there was ever a trend in 2020, it was definitely self-care. But, I wouldn’t consider it a trend, as more of a movement. Self-care may sound mainstream and internet posts may be all about treating ourselves to hot baths, but there are other, deeper ways to practice self-care in a way that actually help. And, spirituality and witchcraft can be a big part of it.

Here are 3 ways to practice Witchy Self-Care that will actually impact your life.

1. Read self-help books, or make notes in your books

Let’s face it, sometimes self-care is about giving yourself a break. Reading definitely feels like a break. Cosmic Corner has an entire bookshelf full of witchy books, with ones that focus on self-care and self-help from a more magical perspective to magickal poetry books. If Nonfiction isn’t your thing, highlighting and making notes in fictional or poetry books that resonate with you, then going back and reflecting on them, can teach you a lot about what you feel like you need to hear, and what’s bothering you in life.

2. Drink tea before journaling or meditating

The whole point of journaling is to be honest with yourself. So, drinking tea blends that increase relaxation or open your mind can make you feel witchy, but also benefit your mind. That, and certain tea blends have wonderful effects on the health of your physical body.

Check out our tea selection here.

3. Shadow Work

Shadow work is intense and deep. While it has a mystical name, and can incorporate rituals and magic if you want, at the end of the day it is working on healing shame and trauma stored within your mind and body. It’s a way to practice self-care when you feel like taking action.

These are just three of hundreds ways to practice self-care that will actually benefit you and help you grow.

Want a bonus self-care tip? Head on over to our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah to hear it!

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