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3 Weird Ways to Get Into Alignment

When you’re in a funk – like one possibly caused by a good ol’ Mercury Retrograde – it can be hard to get out. Whether it’s a spiritual funk where you just can’t seem to meditate or something where you can’t focus on your work, here are three ways to help yourself through it.

1. Ride It Out

When possible, sometimes the answer is to do nothing. Ride it out. Binge some Netflix. Half-ass some of your assignments. Don’t ask yourself introspective questions in the moment, don’t try and figure out the why. Just feel whatever you’re feeling, and let it pass.

2. The Bare Minimum

When it’s not possible to do nothing, like with a big-girl job, sometimes doing the bare minimum is enough. Get that bank reconciliation done, then treat yourself to a five minute Instagram scroll. Then go back and finish the filing for ten minutes. And reward yourself again. Pace yourself, and do what has to get done, but don’t pressure yourself to do it all.

3. See Where Your Thoughts Go

Maybe suddenly you want to take up knitting, or YouTube suggests content creators you’ve never seen before. Watch them. Do a little bit of investigating into that research topic that’s been on the back of your mind. You’ll never know what will re-inspire you.

You may be in a funk because the universe or your higher-self knows what you’re doing isn’t productive to your higher good. So take a break, let your body and mind reset itself naturally. See what pulls your attention naturally, because it may be the answer.

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