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3 Ways to Celebrate Yule

Earlier this week we talked about celebrating Yule and Christmas, and how many witches choose to celebrate both.

So if you’re one of the practitioners choosing to celebrate the two holiday’s differently, you may be wondering what the heck to do for yule.

Yule is all about the dark, slow period of the year. But it’s also a lot about rebirth and transformation – and moreso about the transformations that happen quietly, or within us. If you’re a fan of writing your own spells, those are some good topics to go off of.

Personally, this year I will be doing a chord cutting ritual – which we have easy kits for!

However, unlike a traditional chord cutting ritual where I’m separating myself from another, I’ll actually be using one candle to symbolize my past self, and another to symbolize my present self. It’s a way to release old thought patterns and habits that no longer serve me, as well as releasing other’s expectations of who they see me as.

I’ll be pairing mine with a deep cleansing bath as well, using the creativity bath salt as an activator for manifestation coming into the new year.

But if that’s a little intense, it’s a good time to do some baking and call it witchcraft.

Cookies of all kinds can be filled with intention and magick, whether it be for good luck in the new year, abundance, or even a peaceful holiday season (which is especially good for rowdy families). Treats such as breads and rolls are also great for the holiday season.

And lastly, if you’re quite the busy or closeted witch, never underestimate the power of good old journal prompts and reflections.

Even journaling on one the evening of the solstice for ten minutes can be enough. Here are some prompts below:

  • What am I doing to rest and recuperate? What are some self-care activities I can do?

  • What do I like about winter? What do I not like? Why?

  • Do I have a fantasy self? What are they like?

  • What are some goals I have for the upcoming year?

I think that just about covers it! From rebirthing yourself to reflecting on the long, cold nights – and of course, getting some sweets in the process. But of course, you’re welcome to celebrate the holiday in however you see fit! Let us know your plans over on Instagram.

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