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3 Signs you might be a Witch

We’ve talked before about the biggest sign of knowing whether you’re a witch or not. But obviously, sometimes it isn’t as simple as an inner knowing. If you’re questioning whether the witchy path is meant for you (or if you are meant for the path), then here are three signs:

1. You’re attracted to crystals

They’re pretty, of course, so who wouldn’t be attracted to them? What I mean is, if you’re drawn to crystals because you feel something tingly inside when you hold them, or believe that they’re gorgeous for a reason, you may want to try some spellwork with crystals.

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2. Tea. First. Always.

If sipping tea makes you feel some-typa way, like you’re an ancient mage healing yourself from the inside out, or simple that you are a humble human simply experiencing life, you may be drawn to the magic of healing in witchcraft – or, the magic of herbs and plants.

We’ve got a slew of delicious intentional teas, as well as some bulk herbs if you want to try some out.

3. You’re drawn to images of Gods, Goddesses, and Angels

If you look at beautiful statues and paintings of divine or heavenly subjects, then you never know…maybe one of those deities or angels is calling out to work with you. Recognizing their magic, divinity, and power can help you channel your own.

If you need some beautiful art in your own home, check out some we’ve got in stock here.

So yeah, if you like pretty rocks or the fluffy wings of angels, it may a sign that the witchy or spiritual path is for you. I say try it! If it feels right, you’ll know.

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