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3 Reasons to get Your Birth-Chart Read by a Pro

With so much information on astrology out there on the internet, you may be thinking that you’ll never have to have your chart read by anyone – you could just look it up yourself.

Well…I beg to differ. Here are three reasons you should have someone else read your chart, even if it’s just the big three.

1. They’ve studied this stuff

While that might sound obvious, it means that they know the details. They’ve probably researched, been mentored, and know much deeper about each sign and planet placement that any of us average folk have the time to look up. They know it off the top of their head too. You’ll be getting a more detailed, more personalized reading than anything on the internet could.

2. Everyone interprets exact placements and aspects slightly differently

Just like the tarot, each reader will have a slightly different interpretation of what a sun placement means – especially when looking at the chart as a whole. This allows for little nuances that make getting a reading special. You never know what energy you might have missed that the reader might pick up on.

3. Third-Party perspective brings clarity

And again, just like tarot…sometimes we need an outside perspective to see and understand ourselves more clearly. It’s nothing against ourselves! It just means that sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves, or focus too closely on certain details. It’s nice to have someone else open up and conversation with you from a fresh, clear perspective.

Ready to get yours read? Cosmic Corner offers services starting at just $10! Book here.

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