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3 Easy Witchy Home Remedies for Colds

I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose and sore throat. My body was tired and achy. It reminded me that with the weather getting colder, it’s time to take care of ourselves when we’re not feeling our best – whether that means you’ve got a cold, or are feeling anxious.

Today, I’d like to share my top 3 witchy remedies for when I’m not feeling my best.

1. Herbal Tea

Whether you buy Starbuck’s Medicine Ball tea because you’re not feeling up to making your own, or you do choose your own, warm or hot tea will make a throat feel better and sooth the muscles so they don’t swell as much.

My favorite is warm lemonade or chamomile tea, both with a bit of honey. These all have antimicrobial properties to help kill germs, and the chamomile tea will help you drift to sleep.

2. Bubble Baths & Hot Showers

Shower cubes or soaps with strong calming scents always make me feel better. The humidity and warmth of a shower or bath will help gently ease congestion. You can visualize your body being cleansed of your illness too, if you’re feeling up to it. Otherwise, just try and clear your head and live in the warm moment.

3. Gratitude Before Eating

Even though our appetite can disappear when we’re ill, making sure to take a moment to thank whatever you believe in for the food you are eating. It will manifest more things to be grateful about in your life even after your well.

When we’re sick, we’re not usually up to feeling spiritual or witchy. But, we can use our spiritual or witchy knowledge to use home remedies to help quicken our road to recovery. Of course, take medicine if needed. Herbalism, witchcraft, and spirituality should never replace a doctor. But these little steps may bring a little comfort and ease your illness a little more.

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