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The Savannah Pagan/Magickal Alliance is an interfaith, eclectic group that seeks to bring together all who walk a spiritual path and form a greater community here in Savannah and the surrounding areas. We host events on Summer and Winter Solstice and seek to inform about all other spiritual events, happenings, gatherings, etc. that we can. Please always feel welcome to post here. Shops and items for sale or trade, please join our sister group ~ Magickal Buy, Sale and Trade Savannah.


This group is private, membership and posts are not open to the public for those that wish to maintain a sense of discretion and to provide a safe space for all. We meet each other with open minds and open hearts.


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Savannah Pagan/Magickal Alliance


Free Metaphysical Resource Cosmic Corner Moon Cycle Kits

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"The image of the Goddess inspires women to see ourselves as divine, our bodies as sacred, the changing phases of our lives as holy..." --Starhawk (The Spiral Dance)

Wise Women's Circle is a vision becoming a reality. It is a sisterhood of Savannah area women dedicated to spiritual development, personal growth, and the joyous celebration of the Divine Feminine within and without.

We honor each woman's journey, her hopes, her dreams, and her highest calling. We create sacred space by invoking the power of the four elements and the presence of the Mother Goddess. We use council sharing to speak our truth within our circle, and we use rituals to focus our energy and ignite transformation on a personal and global level.

As Sara Avant Stover so wisely stated, "When a woman heals herself, she heals the world." That is the heart of women's spirituality and the main reason we are waking up to our power and our purpose in this age. Welcome to the circle!

All people who identify as women, including non-binary women, are welcome. We are an inclusive community!


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Savannah Wise Women's Circle


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305 East 38th Street

Savannah, GA 31401

Corner of Lincoln


Wednesday - Saturday 11-6

Sunday 1-6


(912) 421-0426‬

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